Saying hello, world!

26 Jan

First post! My name’s Rene Ding, and I’m an ABC (American-born Chinese) embarking on a mission to teach myself Mandarin. I’m hoping this blog will keep me on track and inspired, and hopefully others out there will find it helpful. Here’s me at the beginning of this Mandarin journey.DSC01334 A few things about my current status: I’m fairly fluent when talking about food and family, but basically a total beginner when it comes to anything else. I can think in Mandarin, but can’t think about anything too interesting. When it comes to reading, I can read maybe half of most children’s books, dishes on menus, and not much more than that. Newspapers and books are way beyond my grasp. Let’s not even talk about writing. Basically, I’m a typical ABC who’s never formally studied Mandarin – basically illiterate, large gaps in basics, a lot to learn. Hopefully that’s going to change! I’m new to both WordPress and blogging in general, so tips, stories, and constructive criticisms are all highly appreciated. First step (of a thousand li)!


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